How to Factory Reset Your Windows 10 Laptop

How to Factory Reset Your Windows 10 Laptop

When selling your laptop, one of the concerns that may arise is the need to get rid of all your data on the computer. For some of us, personal data such as images, documents videos etc getting into thee wrong hands could be a show stopping factor. Luckily, we at kwam-iT understand this concerns hence why we offer complete data removal from all laptops recycled with us – absolutely free of charge!


However, for some who would rather get this done DIY, we have put together this guide to show you how to get this done by following some simple steps. This guide is limited to the Windows Operating System – we intend to release a follow up post for Apple Mac users.

Windows 10

Most of us will by no┬ámeans be running on the latest windows 10 operating system – you either a) benefited from the free upgrade Microsoft rolled out to everyone or b) you have a relatively new laptop.Either way, factory resetting a Windows 10 laptop is relatively easy; compared to the other versions of Windows!
To factory rest your laptop simple click on ‘start’ then type “Reset” in the search bar (without the quotes), This will reveal a “Reset this PC” (System Settings) which you will need to click. Again, click on Reset the PC on the screen and follow the simple instructions show on the screen. The video below should help with getting your computer wiped.



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