How to Factory Reset Your Windows 10 Laptop

When selling your laptop, one of the concerns that may arise is the need to get rid of all your data on the computer. For some of us, personal data such as images, documents videos etc getting into thee wrong hands could be a show stopping factor. Luckily, we at kwam-iT understand this concerns hence […]

Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop Review

Hello I’m Olly and I happen to be one of the computer geeks here at Kwam-iT, with the permission of my superior, I have decided to start writing reviews on some of the devices that come through our website. Last week we had the opportunity of processing an Alienware 17 gaming laptop and I was able to […]

Benefits of Companies Recycling Their Old Computers and Laptops

There’s a popular saying within companies and corporations alike: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Whilst this can sometimes be true, it doesn’t necessary apply to technology. Technology is a field notorious  (thankfully I suppose) for it’s fast development. Laptops and computers can be said to only hold their ‘Top of the range’ status for a […]

How to know your laptop is getting old. 

Dependent on what tasks you use your laptop for, changing it might not be necessary, this day and age, OS updates can simply be accessed via the internet. However, there will come a time when the latest updates and some software will find it hard to work seamlessly with your existing hardware. When a laptop […]