Five reasons why you should recycle your laptop.

Five reasons why you should recycle your laptop.

Many of us have old laptops we are no longer using for one reason or another.  The laptop may be too broken to use, have a few faults, or it may simply no longer be needed. If you’ve got an old laptop collecting dust in your home, you’re not alone.

In a survey conducted by the Consumer Reports Survey Group, a quarter of the members who had purchased multiple laptops since 2014 confessed to letting one of those devices linger under the roof, unused, after it had been replaced. Added with the rising popularity of tablets, many of us are choosing to ditch laptops, coupled with the fact that computers and laptops can be incredibly expensive. These products can cost thousands of dollars and a lot of consumers cannot afford the costs.

So, what do you do with the old laptop? Read on to find out more.

1. Get money for it

For most people, it’s the number one reason for recycling an old laptop. Computers do not lose their value very quickly. A computer that is just a few years old can still be worth a pretty penny. Although, how much you can get will depend on a variety of issues, such as the computer’s age and the condition of the laptop. As long as your computer is still in working condition, it’s a great deal all round, as you move on to a newer model while your wallet gets a little fatter as you sell your unwanted laptops.

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2. You don’t use it

Another reason why you may choose to recycle your laptop is that you simply do not use it anymore. It may be that you have bought a newer model, or perhaps you have recently finished a University degree and no longer need the full use of a laptop. When a laptop is in working order but doesn’t get much use, it can be tempting to keep hold of it anyway ‘just in case’. However, the longer you keep hold of your unused gadgets, the less value they have, so it is best to recycle your laptop as soon as possible.

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3. Easy to Recycle Old Laptops Online

Recycling your laptop online has never been easier. You don’t have to search out a computer exchange store and then quibble with an inexperienced shop assistant whose expertise lies mainly in gaming consoles. You just fill out the data fields with the specs of your laptop to get your quote and then send it off to us free of charge! When it gets to us, we’ll then check if the information provided is correct, ensure the laptop isn’t damaged and is in working order, and voila! We send you your money.

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4. Useful for someone

There is a possibility that your computer will no longer be useful for you in a few years. However, it could still prove to be very beneficial for someone else. Wouldn’t you like to be able to give back and ensure that your computer is given a good home? This is another reason that you should consider recycling your laptop. There is definitely someone out there that could use your computer. By recycling it, you will be able to ensure that someone gets a good computer at a discount. You’ll not only give your old computer a good home but you’ll make a little money as well.

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5. It is Broken

Another reason for wanting to recycle your laptop is that it is broken. Whether the problem is small or large, something as simple as a few missing keys can dissuade you from making use of your laptop. One option in this case is to fix the laptop yourself, or get someone else to do it for you. Most of us do not have the skills or know-how to fix a laptop, and the costs involved with paying someone may prove to not be worth the hassle. In these cases, choosing to recycle your laptop is a great idea. Not only will you not have to deal with the costs or hassle of fixing a broken laptop, but you will also receive some money towards buying a new one.

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Recycling your computer is definitely a good idea, but you should take some precautions. Do not make a decision suddenly or you’ll regret it later. Do your research to ensure you get a good buyer and be sure that you get a good price for your gadget.

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