How to boost your MacBook’s battery life

How to boost your MacBook’s battery life

The MacBook is a powerful machine that does a great job of helping you get your work done — until the battery drains. MacBook batteries can last most of a working day before you need to plug in the device for a recharge, and Apple reckons the latest models can last for the whole working day.

However, many older MacBooks can’t match this battery longevity, as batteries tend to diminish over time. But who doesn’t want to be able to use their laptop for as long as possible before giving in to being pinned to the wall while it recharges? The truth of the matter is, with regular usage, the MacBook Pro battery offers more like six hours of battery life and that is when you’re being careful.

Yes, we know computer components don’t last forever but the tips below should go a long way in helping you get that MacBook battery last longer.


1. Dim those lights.

The single biggest offender of battery drainage is your display. Turn that screen up to full brightness and you get to experience the beauty that is a Mac retina display. However, you leave that brightness to 100% and you’ll witness that battery drain faster in the twinkle of an eye. So,  it’s imperative that you keep your display around twenty percent (when running on battery).

2. Limit streaming and video.

Streaming a lot of online video from sites like NetFlix and YouTube can put a dent in battery life because your Wi-Fi connection will be very active. Some video services permit you to watch offline so its best to take advantage of that.

3. Monitor the temperature.

A hot environment isn’t healthy for your Mac, and a busy hard drive (rather than flash storage) will further contribute to heat inside your Mac.

A hot processor is bad news, and will cause your Mac’s fans to spin up, and all of this can make your battery drain faster. Monitor heat levels using Temperature gauge or a similar app.

4. Turn off notifications. 

To some, notifications are a must; to others they are an afterthought. To your MacBook, they are a battery drain. If you don’t depend upon notifications, you can turn them off and save a bit of battery.

5. Be time conscious.

An estimate of how long your Mac’s battery will last under current activity is shown when you click the battery icon in the menu bar. You can turn on a percentage indicator too.

You are now equipped with the knowledge necessary to take care of your Mac’s battery health and recognise when you need a Mac battery replacement but if a replacement is not an option and you just want to sell your MacBook, Kwam-IT is always at your call.


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