Your laptop and you, caring for it whilst using it.

Your laptop and you, caring for it whilst using it.

When purchasing a new laptop, either new or refurbished, we treasure it a lot. Just like a kid buying candy from the store, we protect it at all cost.

We buy the laptop unscratched, smooth and shiny but as time goes on, it becomes a shadow of itself, looking old, rough and broken. Today, 78% of adults under 30 own a laptop but can we say that percentage have their laptops preserved and unscathed as when they bought it?

Your gadget says a lot about you and this includes your laptop, when preserved well, it reveals a lot about you.

On keeping your laptop in top shape, some see it as a huge task but just think of it as getting your health checked once a month.

Not too hard now or is it?

Well, below are ways you can use your laptop and still make it look brand new.

Avoid eating and drinking

Many of us use our laptop in cafes while working and of course, the smell of coffee or tea can’t be ignored. When drinking, avoid spilling on your keyboard, same goes for eating. Doing so would short out the motherboard and this of course will make you spend some cash when it’s time to replace it.

Keep the Battery cool

Just like a car needs gas to run so also a laptop needs battery to function.

Heat damages laptops although it helps to keep your laptop cool, avoid restricting airflow when using it on the go.

Additionally, depending on the manufacturer of your laptop, they may include or offer battery maintenance tools that can tell you a lot about the health of your battery.

Get a comfortable case

When your laptop is exposed, it’s not protected. Before taking it with you to work or school, make sure it’s packed appropriately. Backpacks or laptop bags are the best to go for especially padded ones because they are more likely to discourage bangs and thuds.

Clean the Screen when needed

When your laptop’s screen looks dirty, then it’s time to clean.

Turn your laptop off before you start. Cleaning a screen that is on may lead to permanent damage.

Also get a very soft cloth, preferably microfiber and wipe the screen with it without exerting much pressure.If you notice the area around the screen is dirty, use a solution [water]  on a paper towel but be very careful not to let it touch the screen.

Keep the keypads shiny

If the keypad becomes dirty enough, its functions can be affected. Keys get stuck, characters repeated whilst typing.

When these signs occur, its time for a wipe-down.

Make sure the laptop’s switched off before commencing so as to avoid unnecessary damage.

Turn the keypad upside down, tap on it a few times. This will make the dirt fall out. Also clean the sides with a cotton swab. Some prefer dipping the swab in in alcohol but i like mine dry.

In the event you’re just tired of your old laptop and are looking for where to sell your laptop.

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