Microsoft surface pro 4 : The perfect laptop for work on the go

Microsoft surface pro 4 : The perfect laptop for work on the go

A lot of us seem to have moved away from doing most computer related tasks from actual computers to mobile devices be it mobile phone or tablets. One of the devices that comes in to bridge this gap is the Microsoft surface pro 4!

This device is the forth instalment  of the Surface Pro series by Microsoft. As you would expect, all the limitations of the 3 predecessors such as weight, heat, battery life, speed, ergonomics and interface have been addressed in this 4th instalment. We’re not saying there isn’t room for improvement but this device is top bananas!


In terms of its looks and feel, it;s very similar to its predecessor, the surface pro 3 , inheriting the same 12.3″ display, a collapsible stand/clasp and optional magnetic keyboard which can also double as a protective cover. One new thing that was observed to be new is the magnetic holder for the stylus which was tidy but however makes the pen prone to loss. The predecessor made of use of a small clasp to hold the pen.


Surface Pro 4




The new surface pro 4 comes with a minimum intel core i5 processor compared into its predecessors which had the opportunity of a slightly lower cost intel core i3 processor. Other improved  aspects in this edition is the battery life and overall weight. All other specs are near enough similar to the Microsoft surface pro 3.


In conclusion, the surface pro 4 is a small but mighty device perfect for professionals looking to acquire a lightweight but yet powerful and ergonomic device.

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